Beefgnawpolis Gaming and Art

Gaming videos, artwork, and comics by Alex Beefgnaw

Welcome to Beefgnawpolis!

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful country! We offer an assortment of Minecraft and other gaming videos, works of art, and comics for your entertainment.

On Sundays you can tour the family-friendly Culinary Museum, where you can see an amazing collection of edible and drinkable things from all over the world--and eat them in the museum cafe where the museum's curse-bound slave--er, sworn curator prepares delicious meals for museum patrons. 

 On Mondays you can watch Chateaubriand City, the capital of Beefgnawpolis, being built. On Fridays, we deal with the survival side.

 On Wednesdays, we have a relaxing hobby: collecting buckets. Well... mostly relaxing. There are bees.  

If you enjoy your stay in Beefgnawpolis, consider adding to the Empire's coffers by buying some stuff--perhaps even some of the Emperor's original art on a variety of goods. Or maybe by offering a small monthly tribute on Patreon. Or by just buying him a cup of coffee.

Red Sector A

Are we the last ones left alive?
Are we the only human beings to survive?

A Rush-inspired fan comic.

Tales of Beefgnawpolis: Prologue

Meet Alex Hereford, wannabe adventurer. At the request of his friends at the Lifespring, he travels to a tiny cattle ranching village to see why they haven't been making their deliveries. And then things get weird.

Tales of Beefgnawpolis: Zucchinipocalypse

A Tales of Beefgnawpolis side story featuring the Vegan Tribe... and their boundless generosity during zucchini season.